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Moral disengagement and negative self-evaluation in morally injurious behavior - Dataset.csv (45.48 kB)

Associations Between Moral Disengagement, Negative Self-Evaluation, and Morally Injurious Behavior in Young People - Dataset

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posted on 2023-06-08, 09:07 authored by Aileen LuoAileen Luo, Kay BusseyKay Bussey

Corresponding data for the study "Associations Between Moral Disengagement, Negative Self-Evaluation, and Morally Injurious Behavior in Young People". This study investigates the moderating effect of moral disengagement on negative self-evaluation when committing morally injurious behavior. Participants were 307 undergraduate students who completed validated  measures of morally injurious conduct (committed with agency, and under duress), moral disengagement, and negative self-evaluation (shame and guilt). Findings demonstrated that the role of moral disengagement in attenuating negative self-evaluation was present in conduct committed under duress, and not in conduct committed with agency.


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