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AtT-20 cell line expression data

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posted on 2022-11-10, 22:06 authored by Marina Junqueira SantiagoMarina Junqueira Santiago, Mark ConnorMark Connor

Results of transcript sequencing for AtT-20FlpIn cells. mRNA was isolated from AtT-20FlpIn cells using standard procedures, next generation sequencing was performed by Macrogen ( A report ourtlining the workflow and data analysis methods is available from the Authors by request. 

Deposited data is in an Excel file, which includes the gene symbol, transcript ID from the reference mouse genome, protein ID and transcript abundance. The AtT-20FlpIn cells were generated by Dr Santiago, and have been used as the 'wild type' cells for generating cell lines stably expressing GPCR and ion channels for most of the molecular pharmacology projects in the Molecular Pharmacodynamics group.


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