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Data from: Geochemical analyses reveal the importance of environmental history for blue carbon sequestration

posted on 2022-06-11, 04:04 authored by Jeffrey J. Kelleway, Neil Saintilan, Peter I. Macreadie, Jeff A. Baldock, Hendrik Heijnis, A. Zawadzkis, Patricia Gadd, Geraldine Jacobsen, Peter J. Ralph
Coastal habitats including saltmarshes and mangrove forests can accumulate and store significant blue carbon stocks, which may persist for millennia. Despite this implied stability, the distribution and structure of intertidal-supratidal wetlands is known to respond to changes imposed by geomorphic evolution, climatic, sea level and anthropogenic influences. In this study, we reconstruct environmental histories and biogeochemical conditions in four wetlands of similar contemporary vegetation in SE Australia. The objective is to assess the importance of historic factors to contemporary organic carbon (C) stocks and accumulation rates. Results from the four cores – two collected from marine influenced saltmarshes (WAP-M and POR-M) and two from fluvial influenced saltmarshes (WAP-F and POR-F) – highlight different environmental histories and preservation conditions. High C stocks are associated with the presence of a mangrove phase below the contemporary saltmarsh sediments in the POR-M and POR-F cores. 13C NMR analyses show this historic mangrove root C to be remarkably stable in its molecular composition despite its age, consistent with its position in deep sediments. WAP-M and WAP-F cores did not contain mangrove root C, however, significant preservation of char C (up to 46% of C in some depths) in WAP-F reveals the importance of historic catchment processes to this site. Together, these results highlight the importance of integrating historic ecosystem and catchment factors into attempts to upscale C accounting to broader spatial scales.

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Kelleway et al - 13CNMR -POR-FThis dataset contains results of continuous sampling down the depth of core profiles (ITRAX and magnetic susceptibility) and results of discrete sampling units (13C NMR and particle size characterisation). Methods of analysis are contained within the methods section of the published article.Kelleway et al - Geochemical analyses reveal the importance of environmental history for blue carbon sequestration.xlsx


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