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Reason: The consent forms signed by participants did not allow for publicly accessible data. Anyone wanting access to the data should provide the following information: 1. Evidence that the proposed research for which the data will be used has received institutional ethics approval. 2. A brief summary of why the data are needed and how it will be used, e.g., what research question are you addressing and how does this data support you in addressing that question? Requests for access can be sent to the data custodians for the ECEWP project - Rebecca Bull ( or Sandie Wong (

Dataset and metadata associated with Intention to Leave paper (submitted)

This dataset includes data from 713 members of the early childhood workforce who completed a survey in March and April 2021.This survey included the collection of information on personal and workplace chatacteristics, workplace culture and climate (co-worker and supervisor relations, teamwork, organisational climate, autonomy, impact on decision making) and work-related wellbeing (personal accomplishment, emotional exhaustion, professional respect, pay and benefits, intention to leave the profession). 

Description of each data variable is provided in the attached metadata file named 'intention to leave metadata'.

The data is provided in .csv format.

This study was approved by the researchers’ university Human Research Ethics Committee, and was conducted in accordance with the Australian National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (National Health and Medical Research Council, 2018). No information was collected in the study that could identify participants or services. An information statement was provided to all participants before they commenced the survey, and participants gave informed consent by starting the survey. Participants were free to complete as much or as little of the survey as they chose. 

The research and survey link were emailed to each service listed on the ACECQA publicly available database of ECEC services. Centre directors then sent the survey information and link to their service’s educators if they chose to. A reminder email was sent to services two weeks after the initial email. The survey remained open for four weeks.


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