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Images used to calculate the image resolution of images taken at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization

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posted on 2023-09-22, 03:02 authored by Vili GrigorovaVili Grigorova, Simon ClarkSimon Clark, Paritosh Giri, Joseph J. Bevitt

The dataset comprises images of a phantom captured using various configurations at the DINGO beamline at ANSTO. These files encompass bright and dark field images and phantom images. An accompanying Excel spreadsheet also offers details regarding the data, including image names and the corresponding acquisition setups.

The lenses used are Zeiss Ikon Makro-Planar (MP) 50 with 50 mm focal length and Zeiss Ikon Makro-Planar (MP) 100 with 100 mm focal length. The images were taken with both high-resolution and high-intensity flux. Two screens were used: ZnS(Ag)/6LiF with 100 and 200 μm scintillator screens and Gd2O2S:Tb with 20 and 30 μm scintillator screens.


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