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Microscale petrographic trace element and isotopic constraints on glauconite diagenesis in altered sedimentary sequences: implications for glauconite geochronology - Supplementary data

posted on 2023-03-22, 03:26 authored by Mehrnoush Rafiei, Stefan LoehrStefan Loehr, Olivier AlardOlivier Alard, Andre Baldermann, Juraj FarkasJuraj Farkas, Glenn BrockGlenn Brock

This repository provides details of the setting parameters used for Laser ablation and ICP-MS/MS as well as details of the results and analyses applied in this research. The tables and graphs represented here are all used to assess the geochemical characteristics of reference materials, in-house standards and each glauconite class that we initially defined based on the petrography data. 


Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship

Macquarie University Research Seeding grant

Glauconite: Archive Recording Timing and Triggers of Cambrian Radiation

Australian Research Council

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