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Public data files containing the data used for the ChatGPT survey (XLSX) and the survey containing variable selection codes (DOCX).

This project investigated teacher attitudes towards Generative Artificial Intelligence Tools (GAITs). In excess of three hundred teachers were surveyed across a broad variety of teaching levels, demographic areas, experience levels, and disciplinary areas, to better understand how they believe teaching and assessment should change as a result of GAITs such as ChatGPT.

Teachers were invited to complete an online survey relating to their perceptions of the open Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool ChatGPT, and how it will influence what they teach and how they assess. The purpose of the study is to provide teachers, policymakers, and society at large with an understanding of the potential impact of tools such as ChatGPT on Education.

This dataset contains public data files used for the ChatGPT survey (XLSX) and the survey containing variable selection codes (DOCX). See the second sheet of the XLSX file for variable descriptions.


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