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The neural representation of an auditory spatial cue in primate cortex

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posted on 2024-05-05, 23:18 authored by Jaime Undurraga LuceroJaime Undurraga Lucero, Robert Luke, Lindsey Van YperLindsey Van Yper, Jessica MonaghanJessica Monaghan, David McAlpineDavid McAlpine

This repository contains all processed, scripts and statistical analysis to generate the results of the manuscript entitled "The neural representation of an auditory spatial cue in primate cortex".

Data structure

The raw data is compressed in multiple zip files within the raw_data_zip folder.

The scripts_and_data directory contains sub-directories with the scripts, data, and figures pertinent to the modality defined by the directory name.

All the statistical analyses can be found in the 'statistical_analyses' folder, in which the analysis for each specific modality are given by the folder name.

All .sqlite databases are structured hierarchically by the tables 'subjects', 'measurement_info', and 'stimuli'. All other tables will share the same level of hierarchy, in which the specific rows are linked to each subject, measurement, and stimuli by the columns 'id_subject', 'id_measurement', and 'id_stimuli'.

All R, python, and Matlab scripts will access the different databases (or data files) directly to generate the different figures and analyses.

Details on how to run the code can be found in the following link


How the brain creates a sense of auditory space

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Pure Project ID : 64132655

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