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A study of the architecture of the cemetery of El-Hawawish at Akhmim in Upper Egypt in the Old Kingdom

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posted on 2022-03-28, 15:13 authored by Elizabeth M. Thompson
The thesis examines the architectural features and measurements of the rock hewn tombs in the necropolis of El-Hawawish at Akhmim, the capital of the ninth province in Upper Egypt and a major administrative centre. The cemetery contains the burials of high and middle rank officials who administered the province in the Old Kingdom from the Fifth to the Eighth Dynasties (c. 2400-2160B.C.). The tombs are examined firstly, to determine whether architectural features could assist in the dating of their owners and secondly, whether certain features and measurements are indicative of the rank of these officials. -- Comparisons are made with tombs in the Memphite and provincial cemeteries and a study of the various elements of tomb architecture at El-Hawawish showed a chronological development similar to that observed in the tombs of the royal necropoli at Giza and Saqqara. Particular features which were introduced in certain reigns here can be found in what appear to be contemporary tombs at El-Hawawish and other provincial cemeteries. The rank of tomb owners is clearly revealed in the larger or smaller dimensions of chapels and burial chambers, and by the inclusion of certain features. Using the styles and features found occurring at a particular period, an estimate for dating large and obviously important, but uninscribed tombs, is also given.


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The TOMBS: a. Alphabetical order of inscribed and uninscribed tombs with references -- b. Chronological order of the tombs -- List of figures -- Plan and section of a tomb -- The study: Forecourts -- Faca̧des -- Porticos -- Entrances -- Chapels -- Shrines -- Secondary chambers and pillared recesses -- Niches -- Burial shafts and passages -- Burial Chambers -- Summary and conclusions.


November, 2001 Bibliography: pages 247-249

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