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An analysis of the memoir as a literary genre, with reference to the work of D. Nytczenko

posted on 2022-03-28, 20:57 authored by Svitlana Yakovenko
This thesis offers an analysis of the distinguishing features of the memoir as a literary genre. Although works of this genre became known in the history of literature centuries ago, they did not receive considerable attention until the end of the twentieth century. The discussion of the features of the memoir is based on the works of the Ukrainian emigre writer Dmytro Nytczenko (pseudonym - Chub). Two of his books [title in Russian] (From Zinkiv to Melbourne) (1990) and [title in Russian] (Under the Sun of Australia) (1994) are used as examples of Ukrainian memoir writing of the twentieth century. General features of the memoir as a literary genre as well as specific features of these works are examined and discussed. The thesis comprises theoretical and practical sections. The first two chapters deal with the former. An overview of the general literary, theoretical and critical approaches to the analysis of the memoir are contained in the first chapter. Most of these theories are accepted in contemporary study of literature and form the concepts of an academic analysis of the literary work. The various characteristics of the memoir as a literary genre are discussed in the second chapter, where it is useful to apply some theories developed in the fields of philosophy, psychology and linguistics. Thus, the theoretical basis for the second section of this thesis is formed. It is argued that most works of the literary memoir have three components: autobiographical, sociographical and episodic-biographical. The third chapter of the thesis offers a thematic analysis of the above mentioned three components, with particular reference to the two works of Dmytro Nytczenko. In the fourth chapter the stylistic features of these works are discussed. The purpose of an analysis of D. Nytczenko's memoirs is threefold. Firstly, to reveal and analyse the characteristic features of the genre of the memoir. Secondly, to present the hypothesis that the three components - autobiographical, sociographical and episodic-biographical - are essential prerequisites for writing a memoir. Finally, the thesis focuses on an analysis of the specific features of Dmytro Nytczenko's memoirs.



"A postgraduate thesis (MA (Hons)) submitted to the Department of European Languages, Macquarie University, Sydney". Bibliography: p. 335-352 Thesis (MA (Hons))--Macquarie University, 2001. "July, 2001".

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