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Be a sport?: connecting past participation in sport and gender inequality in Australia's largest corporate law firms

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posted on 2022-03-29, 02:42 authored by Jodie Skellern
Explaining the persistence of gender inequality in large corporate law firms, by focusing on women's domestic roles, has not produced significant change. I consider this puzzle by studying the under-representation of early-career female lawyers in the pipeline that produces partners in a large Australian corporate law firm. A mixed-methods research design, and a theoretical framework developed by appropriating Pierre Bourdieu's theory and analytical tools, are used to investigate how power transfers between fields: from the hegemonically masculine field of sport as a source of knowledge - to the economic domain of a large corporate law firm as a workplace. I take sport to be a central source for developing transferable soft skills for the workplace. Further, I claim that the gendered experience of sport, in Australia, results in different capacities to acquire and practise such skills, better enabling accelerated career trajectories for early-career male lawyers. Neither gender diversity nor social justice will be achieved by encouraging women to participate in sport on male terms. Instead, I conclude there is greater economic and social value to be gained by changing the decision-making practices, and the valuation of social and cultural capital, within large corporate law firms. Specifically, a lazy or convenient decision-making process, that risks confusing talent with visibility, should be replaced.


Table of Contents

Introduction -- Chapter 1. The transfer of masculine power between fields -- Chapter 2. Researching how masculine power transfers between fields -- Chapter 3. Revealing how masculine power transfers from sport to the workplace (qualitative findings) -- Chapter 5. How masculine power reproduces in a large corporate law firm : discussion and conclusion.


Theoretical thesis. Bibliography: pages 89-97

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