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Behavioural model derivation from swept-power load-pull data

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posted on 2022-03-28, 14:35 authored by Reese Moore
Behavioural modelling is a method of describing an electronic circuit or device, without any knowledge of the internal workings of the device. This means that when placed in simulation software, the output signal of the behavioural model should be determined from the input signal.This thesis presents a model of producing a behavioural model from load pull simulations in AWR, and verifies the correctness of the behaviooural model. This is done by applying the method to a UMS.GH25TZ1S.8S150 transistor model and comparing output measurement results of the behavioral model and transistor model. It is shown that the behavioural model has no error in AM-AM or AM-PM simulations, however there are varying degrees of accuracy in IM3 based on load impedances applied to the model. Additionally, designing an amplifier circuit from behavioural models produced by the behaviour modelling process is briefly investigated in terms of fundamental and IM3 output power levels. It si shown for a two stage amplifier design, a gain of 15.16dB is obtained and a three stage amplifier has a gain of 18.83dB. The results presented show the potential of using the designed behavioural modelling process in amplifier design, however future research into the design process is needed before full implementation.


Table of Contents

1. Introduction -- 2. Background and related work -- 3. AWR tools for load pull and behavioural modelling -- 4. Using behavioural models for amplifier design -- 5. Simulation and verification -- 6. Analysis of simulation results -- 7. Conclusions and future work -- 8. Abbreviations -- Appendices -- Bibliography.


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