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Business process engineering and optimisation using functional analysis of the operational workflow

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posted on 2022-10-25, 03:55 authored by Ollencio Rosario Jude D’Souza

Operational environments rely on a planned workflow and measuring process parameters to meet internal and external regulatory compliance criteria. The elements of a successful functional environment and the impact of introduced technology on its effectiveness is explored. A systems approach is suggested to achieve operational objectives. Techniques using sensors and the analysis of sensor data specific to the Business Process is presented. Semantic modelling and data mining are used to investigate how the impending shift to automation can be managed by the introduction of technology that will not disrupt but will improve the process outcome. Communications technologies such as LoRaWAN (IoT LPWAN) will explore the significance of latency on the arrival times of synchronous data. Analysis of data using tools such as pivot tables and process mining will be demonstrated. Insights that provide a high degree of situational awareness are explored. Data visualisation is essential in a human-centric operational environment. This research will show how dashboards are used in advisory, supervisory and tactical operational scenarios. Process automation, helped by intelligent devices and automated functional blocks, also termed intelligent process automation, is demonstrated, leading to a serious area of research into where this work will transition.


Table of Contents

1. Introduction -- 2. Background and related work -- 3. Analysis techniques and methods -- 4. Project research reports -- 5. Conclusion and future work


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