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Chinese EFL learners’ reading motivation: a dynamic systems theory perspective

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posted on 2022-03-28, 10:17 authored by Jianjun Li
This study intended to investigate how Chinese EFL learners’ reading motivation in L2 reading classrooms can be explained through the Dynamic Systems Theory (de Bot, 2008; Larsen-Freeman & Cameron, 2008). The study focused on exploring how different components of reading motivation interact with each other using a mixed method research (MMR) approach (QUAN-qual design). For the quantitative phase, a Reading Motivation Questionnaire (RMQ) and a reading comprehension test were administered to 59 freshmen Non-English major participants at Northeast Agricultural University in China. They filled out the RMQ and completed a former CET-4 reading comprehension test twice over a four-week time interval. For the qualitative phase, 10 participants were interviewed to elaborate on their reading motivation. The major findings were: (1) Chinese EFL learners were both intrinsically and extrinsically oriented to reading in English; (2) Nearly all the variables of RMQ were significantly and positively correlated with each other ranging from low to high over two RMQ administrations. Reading for grades motivation decreased significantly, which was attributable to reading outcomes and some contextual factors; (3) Reading motivation exerted no causal influence on reading outcomes but reading outcomes had a predictable influence on reading motivation. Theoretically, this study contributes to the dynamic nature and perspective of reading motivation. Practically, this study strengthens the teachers’ capability in pedagogical intervention and students’ understanding of their mental features to adjust different elements to enhance their language achievement.


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Chapter One. Introduction -- Chapter Two. Literature review -- Chapter Three. Methodology -- Chapter Four. Results and discussion -- Chapter Five. Summary and conclusions -- References -- Appendices.


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