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Cross cultural musical practices in popular music: first generation migrant singer-songwriters in Western Society

posted on 2022-03-28, 16:45 authored by Mehreen Javed
The identity of first-generation migrant singer-songwriters in western society is comprised of more than one cultural and religious expression. Often, questions of identity are central to a creative artist's ability when producing music for audiences of western society. Due to migration and globalisation, the west has become influenced by the migrant population - impacting their popular music industry, and, transforming the sound of the industry today. Cross-cultural elements in music are inherently visible in the representation of music and serve both stylistically and functionally as components of successful western popular music. This project investigates contemporary approaches within the creation of popular music that embraces concepts of cultural and religious diversity. It examines how a culturally hybrid artist of multiple cultural and religious backgrounds, incorporates these elements in the production of music for western popular audiences. The thesis consists of an analysis of one artist from the UK Asian Underground music scene and will identify practices and approaches inherent in their music. The project will then test these principles through a practice-led creative project - an extended play (EP) of originally created music by myself, as the artist.


Table of Contents

Chapter One. Literature review -- Chapter Two. Methodology -- Chapter Three. The EP and the case study -- Chapter Four. Popular music artists -- Chapter Five. Thesis findings and conclusions -- Appendices -- Reference list.


Bibliography: pages 53-60 Theoretical thesis.

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