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Dark dynasty: the formation of the second dynasty in Ancient Egypt

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posted on 2022-03-28, 00:43 authored by Scott Allan
Positioned at the apex of the Pyramid Age the Second Dynasty of Ancient Egypt has remained poorly studied, widely considered a 'dark dynasty' due to a lack of archaeological evidence. This study will examine the archaeological evidence available to compare its similarities and the difference to the First and Third Dynasties. Reviewing the textual, funerary, settlement and ceramic evidence the evolution of archaeological material will be highlighted rather than the sharp change a dynastic boundary implies. The unclear order of succession during the second Dynasty has hindered analysis with unfounded theories on the attested rulers proliferating. During the past century the Second Dynasty has become regarded as a time of war and internal political conflict due to the reduced amount of evidence available ignoring the similarities in the cultural material. This study will begin to challenge these theories suggesting the Second Dynasty as a time of innovation and change, evolving from the unification of the First Dynasty and laying the foundations for the monumental construction of the Old Kingdom.


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Section 1. Introduction -- Section 2. Historical background -- Section 3. Comparartive study -- Section 4. War, conflict and an absence of evidence -- Section 5. Conclusion.


Theoretical thesis. Bibliography: pages 111-122

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