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Dhiiyaan ngay Kamilaroi, winangaldanha ngaya nginaaynya : My Kamilaroi family, I hear you : physical activity, ageing and the places of freedom in a Kamilaroi family

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posted on 2022-03-28, 22:26 authored by Lana Adele Leslie
This thesis is written by a Kamilaroi (Australian Indigenous group from North Western New South Wales, Australia) woman using Kamilaroi ways of knowing, being and doing to understand the physical activity experiences of the older members of her family. A Wingangay Methodology was developed for this study which focuses on listening in Kamilaroi which goes beyond ‘just hearing’ and is defined as I understand; I know; I remember; I think; and I love. Thirty interviews of Kamilaroi people over 45 were conducted in Western Sydney, the North West and Central West areas of New South Wales, Australia. All persons interviewed had health issues and low physical activity participation consistent with reported negative statistics. This study creates an understanding of the statistics through life experiences and provides wider implications for Indigenous health and wellbeing discourses. The experiences reveal an earlier life of high participation in physical activities through everyday home routines, recreation, sport and physical employment, a marked contrast to their current circumstances. Racism was found to permeate through their lives and physical activities however at the same time, the physical activities provided places of freedom and respite from it. Broadly, the places of freedom are necessary for Aboriginal people to thrive and therefore have a positive sense of wellbeing. Concurrent to the stories from family, the author has listened to many stories, shared many experiences, felt many challenges and been opened to new understandings of her expertise in physical activity. She has rediscovered the significance of people, places and stories that are integral to her Kamilaroi identity, and been challenged to consider the responsibilities that adhere to being the next generation of Kamilaroi: the next part of a longer story.


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My Kamilaroi family, I hear you.

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Cultural Introduction : Ngaandi nginda. Dhalaadhi nginda? - Who are you? Where are you from? -- Chapter One. Maal.Nhalaybal - Introduction -- Chapter Two. Bulaarr. biibabiiba ngamildaay : Banaba, dhiriya giyaandaay, ngaanngal - Literature Review : Health, ageing, and identity -- Chapter Three. Gulibaa.yuyaanban - Racism -- Chapter Four. Buligaa. Yuurrangindaaydhi banadhi - Words about physical activity :The body moving -- Chapter Five. Maa. Gibiylandaay - The Places of freedom : Resistance and persistence in everyday life -- Chapter Six. Maa.Dhulu - Message stick - Teachings on physical activity -- Chapter Seven. Yuli.Garay guwaalbal/a - Words about the stories: Methodology -- Chapter Eight. Galay. Ngarabali - Conclusion -- Appendices -- References.


Theoretical thesis. Bibliography: pages 247-257

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