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Do visual body-ownership cues modulate visuo-tactile temporal order judgements?: An investigation in non-synaesthetes and mirror-touch synaesthetes

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posted on 2022-03-28, 14:56 authored by Sophie Smit
To accurately perceive oneself in a complex multisensory environment, the brain has to determine which unimodal signals originated from its own body and should therefore be integrated. It is currently debated if visual body-ownership cues such as object form and orientation interact, and if visual plausibility increases the effects of various multisensory signals being integrated. In this thesis, I investigated the effects of visual body-ownership cues on visuo-tactile temporal perception in both non-synaesthetes and mirror-touch synaesthetes using a temporal order judgement (TOJ) task. Each participant viewed videos of a touch being applied to visual stimuli that were either plausible or implausible for his or her right hand (hand oriented plausibly, hand rotated 180 degrees, sponge). On each trial, a touch was also applied to the participant's own hand at varying stimulus onset asynchronies (SOAs) relative to the visual touch. Participants judged which stimulus came first: viewed or felt touch. I tested whether visual body-ownership cues affect temporal binding and the size of the temporal interval between visual and tactile stimuli participants can reliably notice ('just noticeable difference' - JND). Bayesian analyses revealed that plausibility of object form and orientation do not affect visuo-tactile temporal perception in either non-synaesthetes or mirror-touch synaesthetes. I discuss the implications of these findings in relation to understanding body perception and mirror-touch synaesthesia.


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Chapter 1: Introduction -- Chapter 2: The effect of viewing touch to a hand on visua-tactile temporal order judgements in non-synthaesthetes (Experiment 1) -- Chapter 3: The effect of viewing touch to a hand on visua-tactile temporal order judgements in mirror-touch synthaesthates (Experiment 2) -- Chapter 4: General discussion.


Theoretical thesis. Bibliography: pages 61-70

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