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Enhancing security in network-on-chip architecture with wireless interconnects

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posted on 2023-12-07, 01:53 authored by Lashmi Kondoth

Recent advancements in integrated circuit technology have led to the integration of multiple embedded cores on a single chip resulting in the advent of Network on Chip (NoC). As this technology became widespread, various kinds of NoC architectures were introduced. Wireless NoC technology has emerged as a solution to overcome the limitations of conventional NoC systems over long-distance communication with multiple processing cores. However, with the introduction of shared wireless interconnects with the NoC topology, potential attack points have also proliferated, targeting confidentiality, integrity, and system availability. The interconnected nature of wireless NoC makes it vulnerable to security attacks such as Denial of Service (DoS).

The thesis examines DoS based spoofing attacks specific to NoC wireless interconnects and proposes a comprehensive security countermeasure for securing wireless interfaces against such attacks. The proposed countermeasure uses a detection algorithm and a defense mechanism to detect, identify and isolate the source of the attack. Extensive simulation experiments for the proposed countermeasure architecture were conducted, and our results demonstrate that our proposed solution is very effective in detecting and isolating DoS based spoofing attacks.

Overall, this thesis makes innovative contributions to our understanding of security vulnerabilities in NoC with a particular focus on NoC wireless interconnects. The thesis also contributes by proposing a comprehensive countermeasure to safeguard against novel types of DoS and spoofing attacks on NoC wireless interconnects.


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1 Introduction -- 2 Literature review -- 3 Secure wireless network-on-chip architecture -- 4 Security attack detection and defense in wireless NoC -- 5 Experiment result and analysis -- 6 Conclusions and future research -- References

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