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Exploring the relationship between content and placement: a case study of the coffin set of Meruah NMR.27

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posted on 2022-03-29, 03:46 authored by Danielle Smith
The 21st Dynasty was a time of intrigue and change, not only politically but economically and archaeologically. Funerary practices, including the production of coffins and their decoration altered producing some of the most beautiful and densely decorated material. The coffin set of Meruah NMR.27 housed in the Nicholson Museum, Sydney University is one such example. Through an analysis of the decoration on the coffin set of Meruah an understanding is gained on the relationship between the content of the scenes and their placement on the coffin. This thesis will explore the symbolism and meaning tied to the decoration in order to understand why the ancient Egyptians decorated their coffins in this manner.


Table of Contents

Chapter I. Introduction -- Chapter 2. The lid of Meruah NMR.27.2 -- Chapter 3. The trough of Meruah NMR.27.4 -- Chapter 4. The mummy-cover of Meruah NMR.27.2 -- Chapter 5. Concluding remarks -- Bibliography.


Bibliography: pages 73-77 Theoretical thesis.

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