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Finding the female in ancient Greek landscapes

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posted on 2022-03-28, 02:04 authored by Lucinda Naomi Schulz
This thesis examines the associations between females and landscape in ancient Greek evidence from the Archaic to Hellenistic periods. Drawing on select linguistic evidence, it demonstrates that ancient Greek poets and authors use landscape and its features in numerous ways in relation to females. These include their bodies and physical appearances; culturally prescribed female experiences including maidenhood, womanhood and motherhood; female sexuality and sensuality; the manifestation or expression of female power, ability and persona; and female participation in society such as in ritual and religion, marriage as an institution and physical labour in cultivated landscapes. The investigation reveals women who negotiate their roles in social norms, expectations and relationships with others, whilst challenging the assignment of the female to passivity, silence and seclusion.


Table of Contents

Chapter One. Finding the female in ancient Greek landscapes : introduction, scholarship and methods -- Chapter Two. Digging-up the earth : denotations of ancient Greek landscapes and female beings -- Chapter Three. The sensuality and physicality of kῆπος, Λειμών, vegetation and females in Archaic to Hellenistic evidence -- Chapter Four. Calypso’s Garden: Νύμφη, Θεά and the Ogygian landscape -- Chapter Five. A walk on the wooded side : goddesses and emotional evocation in Ἄλσοςand Ὕλη in Archaic Greek myth and poetry -- Chapter Six. Female associations with Ἀγροί, Ἄρουραι and Νομοί -- Chapter Seven. Females of the Ἀλωή and Ὄρχατος -- Chapter Eight. Conclusions -- Bibliography.


Bibliography: pages 247-273 Theoretical thesis.

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