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How do stingless bees navigate around spider webs?

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posted on 2022-11-11, 03:43 authored by Vaishnavi Sathyakumar

Animals need to navigate complex natural environments to perform important life functions. They encounter numerous obstacles during navigation. Collisions with obstacles have serious consequences for animals, especially insects. In order to avoid collisions with obstacles, flying and walking insects make use of various visual as well as non-visual strategies for navigation. This review mainly focuses on the role that vision plays in facilitating obstacle avoidance of stationary or moving obstacles in complex environments. It is shown that strategies like detection of gaps between obstacles, performing evasive maneuvers are crucial for successful obstacle avoidance. The physiological conditions of insects that significantly affect these behaviours as well as the neural requisites needed to activate these behaviours has also been discussed. In conclusion, it is noted that insects are capable of navigating obstacles in spatially complex environments despite the limitations of their sensory systems.


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