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I heard it on the Grapewine: An examination of four texts in pAnastasi IV that contain references to wine

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posted on 2022-03-28, 12:52 authored by Jane Milliken
The investigation of the subject of wine in ancient Egypt has concentrated on an overview of wine's origin and its history in Egypt, including the technical details of its manufacture, the information recorded on the wine jar seals and labels, along with the analysis of the jars' contents, and its use in religion, rather than a discussion of its broader economic and social role and its position in society. This thesis examines four texts from pAnastsi IV, which is dated to the reign of Seti II, and which contains references to wine, to show the importance and position of wine in Egyptian society of this period, outside its use in religion, and to examine the nature of the relationship between wine and the Egyptians. The four texts each involve a different aspect of wine and its use within society. The study of these four texts will show that wine was an inherent part of the lives of many Egyptians. Through the study of these four texts a greater understanding of the social and economic position of wine within Egyptian society of the 19th Dynasty, at many levels of society, is gained and important aspects of the nature of the relationship between wine and the Egyptians of this period is revealed.


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Introduction -- Chapter 1: Wine in a list -- Chapter 2: Wine from the Delta -- Chapter 3: Wine, women and song -- Chapter 4: Wine as a reward -- Conclusion.


Theoretical thesis. Bibliography: pages 135-172

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