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La transmission de l'héritage culturel intangible par la littérature de jeunesse: modélisation sémantico-discursive de "chez soi" dans le conte Mèyĕnô (Ponga, 2004)

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posted on 2022-03-28, 20:33 authored by Séverine Julie Didier
This research develops a linguistic modelling of the preservation and renewal process of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH), as it appears in emergent children's literature. This linguistic model is applied to a children's book from New Caledonia entitled Mèyĕnô (Ponga, 2004). Based on the version that the Kanak author has written in French, this application shows the pivotal place and the superimposition of preservation and renewal in the semantic representations of the concept of chez soi (home in French). My research methodology proposal is rooted in the theoretical model of Galatanu's Semantics of Argumentative Possibilities (SAP), as it analyses the discursive potential of lexical meanings. I combine SAP theory with elements of cognitive poetics in order to exemplify the role of the concept of chez soi (home) in glocal and ritual transmission in the aforementioned text. Thus, through interpretative hypotheses, my analytical approach can expose the dynamics of ICH in emergent children's literature. In particular, it brings to light the way in which the balance between preservation and regeneration of cultural and linguistic representations fosters a renewal in the traditionally oral transmission of initiatory rituals. The results of this analysis can strengthen two types of hypotheses: - in regard to the discursive analysis based on the reconstructed representation of home, I validate the possibility and the benefit of articulating the SAP theory with cognitive poetics’ interpretative objectives; - with respect to the production of interpretative hypotheses about the meaning of initiatory rituals in a context marked by « glocalisation », I demonstrate the double spiraled movement of the preservation of cultural heritage and the global reinsertion of local, cultural identities in emergent children’s literature.


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Transmission of intangible cultural heritage through children's literature : semantic-discursive modelling of chez soi (home in French) in the narrative Mèyĕnô (Ponga, 2004).

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Section 1. Héritage culturel intangible (HCI) et renouvellement glocal dans la littérature d'émergence : éléments théoriques -- Section 2. Développement méthodologique : sémantique des possibles argumentatifs et poétique cognitive (SPA-PC) -- Section 3. Analyse du discours Mèyènô et potentiel interprétatif.


Spine title: The transmission of intangible cultural heritage through children's literature : semantic-discursive modelling of chez soi (home in French) in the narrative Mèyĕnô (Ponga, 2004). Theoretical thesis. Bibliography: pages 427-459 "Cotutelle internationale de thèse, Université de Nantes / Macquarie University. Thesis presented to obtain the degree of Docteur at Université de Nantes under the label of L'Université Nantes Angers Le Mans and the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) at Macquarie University, HDR" -- title page.

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Macquarie University

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Thesis PhD


PhD, Macquarie University, Faculty of Arts, Department of International Studies: Languages and Cultures

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Department of International Studies, Languages and Cultures

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Olga Galatanu

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Brigitte Jandey


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