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Lines across the landscape: history, impact and heritage of Australian rural fences

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posted on 2022-03-28, 11:18 authored by John Pickard
Rural fences are ubiquitous but invisible cultural objects in Australian landscapes. thesis I bring them into the foreground starting with their social context and role in Australian culture. The history of technological changes from shepherding to modern fences is described with many examples including railway and vermin fences. Rabbit-proof fences and government-funded barrier fences in Victoria and NSW are documented in detail. Fences both impact on the environment and indicate environmental change. Obsolete fences are valuable historic heritage recording land settlement and management, but they are impossible to conserve.


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Lines across the landscape: fencing rural Australia.

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Section 1. Introduction: "Fences? study fences?" -- Section 2. History of Australian rural fences -- Section 3. "Special" fences: hedges, walls, ditches and banks, railway, and roadside wildlife fences -- Section 4. Vermin and barrier fences: keeping pests out -- Section 5. Rural fences and the environment: impacts and indicators -- Section 6. The historic heritage of Australian rural fences -- Section 7. Integration: fencing rural Australia -- Section 8. Core papers


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