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Maintaining patient safety: surgical instruments and environment surface care

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posted on 2022-03-28, 11:27 authored by Dayane de Melo Costa
Background: The processing of surgical instruments and environmental surface cleaning/disinfection are crucial measures for preventing healthcare associated infection and maintaining patient safety. However, both practices involve complex interdependent step-by-step processes that, if not properly performed, may result in devices/surfaces remaining contaminated, which promotes biofilm formation, and threatens patient safety. Conclusion: Successful processing is multifactorial depending on infrastructure and work processes, and requires knowledge and training. We have shown how the various components of processing impact the safe supply of RSI. With technological advances, RSI management and processing must improve, otherwise, advanced non-cleanable technology becomes a risk to patients. Similarly, cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces and medical devices must evolve to prevent and/or remove pathogens from patient areas.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Literature review -- Chapter 2. Materials and methods -- Chapter 3. Survey on management and processing of loaner surgical instruments at hospitals -- Chapter 4. Survey on management and processing of loaner surgical instruments by companies -- Chapter 5. Use of alcohol as a point-of-use pre-cleaning -- Chapter 6. Multiple used/processed stainless steel surgical instruments -- Chapter 7. Multiple used/processed stainless steel loaned surgical instruments -- Chapter 8. Multiple contamination/processing of stainless steel complex design surgical instruments - in vitro model -- Chapter 9. Automatic versus manual cleaning -- Chapter 10. Cleaning monitoring on hinged/serrated instrument -- Chapter 11. Cleaning monitoring on high complex design instrument -- Chapter 12. Ungloved/gloved hands in the packing area -- Chapter 13. Intensive care units environmental surfaces in Brazil -- Chapter 14. Intensive care unit environmental surface in Saudi Arabia -- Chapter 15. Contamination profile of intensive care units manual resuscitator -- Chapter 16. Contamination of surgical bedsheet by shoe covers -- Chapter 17. General duscussion and conclusion.


Theoretical thesis. Bibliography: pages 246-270

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