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Next speaker selection in Indonesian: A study of typical and atypical interactions

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posted on 2022-03-28, 17:34 authored by Fakry Hamdani
This study explores the turn-taking system in conversations involving speakers of Indonesian, focusing on explicit next speaker selection. This study draws on "typical" and "atypical" datasets. The typical dataset comes from nine and a half hours of recordings of everyday conversations between 64 people. The atypical dataset comes from two and a half hours of recordings of conversation between four people with aphasia and 11 of their conversation partners. Using conversation analysis, this study examines how typical and atypical Indonesian speakers use two explicit practices for next speaker selection - address terms and touch - in questions. Specifically, it focuses on 238 questions including an address term, and 71 questions including a touch. This study demonstrates that address terms are used to commence courses of action and deal with problems of mutual orientation, deal with problems that emerge in a turn or sequence, address a person-specific action, or carry out fine aspects of action formation. It also demonstrates that touch can similarly deal with problems of mutual orientation, pursue a response from a recipient, or add a specific quality or salience to a question. These practices operate similarly in interactions involving people with aphasia, but people with aphasia experience difficult using maximally explicit practices, and problems with participation may arise despite successful next speaker selection. These findings offer an important basis for describing diversity and commonality in conversation across languages and cultures, and for characterising the disruptions to participation caused by aphasia.


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Chapter 1 Introduction -- Chapter 2 Methodology -- Chapter 3 Address terms and explicit next speaker selection -- Chapter 4 Touch and explicit next speaker selection -- Chapter 5 Aphasia and explicit next speaker selection -- Chapter 6 Discussion and conclusions.


Theoretical thesis. Bibliography: pages 225-236

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