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Promoting sustainable and healthy diets in young adults

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posted on 2022-11-15, 05:28 authored by Nadine GhammachiNadine Ghammachi

Global food systems have been worsening human health and depleting natural resources at the same time. In order to promote optimal health and preserve environmental resources, current food consumption practices need to be shifted through promoting sustainable and healthy dietary practices. Shifting dietary patterns among young adults is particularly important since this age group is known to have poor dietary habits that are kept through later adulthood. Based on evidence, young adults prefer to receive nutrition education through web-based platforms. However, the effectiveness of web-based interventions promoting sustainable and healthy diets is still unknown. This thesis comprises of two studies: a systematic literature review which aimed to systematically review web-based interventions promoting sustainable and healthy diets among young adults and a pilot study which was a 4-week web-based nutrition education program “The Green Hub” developed to promote sustainable and healthy diets among young adults in Australia. Findings from the systematic literature review suggest that web-based interventions can be effective in promoting some aspects of a sustainable and healthy diet, mainly increase in fruit and vegetable intake. “The Green Hub” study revealed positive improvements in knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours towards adopting sustainable and healthy diets. Overall, findings from this thesis highlight the potential of promoting sustainable and healthy diets to young adults through online platforms. Future interventions are needed to promote sustainable and healthy diets comprehensively and into larger scale settings.


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Chapter 1: Literature review -- Chapter 2: Investigating web-based nutrition education interventions for promoting sustainable and healthy diets in young adults: a systematic literature review -- Chapter 3: The Green Hub - a pilot study -- Chapter 4: Discussion and conclusion -- Appendices


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