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Selfie freedom: towards a sociology of everyday selfie practices

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posted on 2022-03-29, 00:23 authored by Rachel Ann Leembruggen
This Master of Research thesis is an exploration of the everyday cultural practices of selfie-taking and selfie-viewing. It examines the social drivers behind the production, circulation and consumption of selfies, and looks at the emergence of selfies and selfie-taking as a cultural object and vernacular social practice. Based on a comprehensive review of the literature about selfies, social media, photography, and human interaction, as well as eight in-depth interviews with whom I call “selfie-enthusiasts’ and ‘anti-selfieists’, I attempt to situate the selfie as an emergent cultural form in contemporary society. I approach my investigation of selfies by opposing the popular assumption that it is simply a frivolous enterprise, or a practice taken up solely by self-involved individuals. Through my empirical research, I create eight textural ‘snapshots’ of participants, giving the reader an insight into their opinions and experiences. I explain that both groups of selfie-informants take a reflexive stance, demonstrating thoughtful personal analysis of this seemingly thoughtless activity. Although I look at the selfie using an interdisciplinary approach, I suggest that studying the selfie through a sociological lens is a fruitful exercise: there is a sociology of the selfie.


Table of Contents

Introduction -- Chapter One. Yearning for the visual : photography, self-portraiture and the snapshot -- Chapter Two. Situating the selfie -- Chapter Three. Sociology of the selfie -- Chapter Four. Snapshots from the field-- Conclusion -- Appendices -- References.


Empirical thesis. Bibliography: pages 94-107

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Thesis MRes


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Alison Leitch


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