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Studies in ancient Egyptian anatomical terminology

posted on 2022-03-28, 18:03 authored by James Walker
In the 19 chapters of this thesis, many ancient Egyptian anatomical terms are carefully analysed with the objective of discovering their true meaning. The various current translations for a term are discussed in the introduction to each chapter. Then the lexicographical features of the terms are analysed. A term's position and associations in the anatomical lists often provides useful information and this is elaborated in a separate section. Particular attention is paid to the occurrences of a term in the medical texts and most medical case-studies containing the term are thoroughly analysed. Enormously valuable information about an anatomical term is often obtainable from non-medical texts and these are discussed separately. The conclusion to each chapter draws together all the findings and a decision is made as to the most precise meaning and best translation for the terms under consideration. At the end of Vol. I, some general observations concerning ancient Egyptian perceptions about the human body are made. At the end of Vol. II, a Lexicon of Ancient Egyptian Anatomical Terms and an enumeration of the anatomical lists are given.



Theoretical thesis Bibliography: v. 2 leaves 361-369

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