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Taxonomy, evolution, biogeography and palaeoenvironmental significance of Victorian Paleogene ostracoda

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posted on 2022-03-29, 02:54 authored by Col Eglington
Twenty-nine Paleogene Ostracoda (Crustacea) assemblages from the Otway Basin, Victoria, Australia are described, 10 new taxa identified, descriptions and stratigraphic ranges of other taxa extended, and palaeoenvironmental interpretations suggested. Cytherella with reversed valve overlaps are investigated, new taxa described, and their migration, evolution and relationships discussed. The first example of a platycopid species having both normal and reversed valve overlap is described. Evidence suggesting a Late Paleocene south-flowing current down the West Australian coast, and for a latest Paleocene–earliest Eocene breach of the Tasmanian land-bridge are presented. A technique for photographing and enhancing images of microscopic specimens was developed.


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Section 1. Introduction -- Section 2. Paleogene ostracoda (crustacea) from the Wangerrip group, Latrobe-1 bore, Otway Basin, Victoria, Australia -- Section 3. New and revised Ostracoda (crustacea) assemblages from the Dilwyn formation (latest palaeocene and early eocene), Otway basin, Victoria -- Section 4. Normal and inverse valve overlaps between and within paleogene cytherella (ostracoda) species, Otway Basi, Victoria, Australia -- Section 5. Changing late palaeocene and early eocene palaeoenvironments northeastern Australo-Antarctic Gulf using ostracoda and foraminifera-- Section 6. Ostacoda (crustacea) of the Narrawaturk formation, early oligocene, Otway Basin, Victoria, Australia -- Section 7. Ostacoda (crustacea) from the late oligocene Gellibrand Marl, Otway Basin, Victoria, Australia -- Section 8. Glencoeleberis? Thomsoni (crustacea : ostracoda) as evidence for a latest palaeocene/ earliest eocane marine passage between the Australo-Antarctic Gulf and the Tasman Sea -- Section 9. The anomalous Cytherella postatypica (ostracoda : crustacea) as evidence for a late palaeocene south-flowing current down the west coast of Australia -- Section 10. Adaptation of biological microscopy and digital editing techniques to micropalaeontology -- Section 11. Conclusion.


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