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Tel Azekah in its surroundings based on the Early Bronze Age pottery 2012-2016

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posted on 2022-03-28, 11:01 authored by Coral Hardwick
This thesis will identify the regional and cultural affinities of Tel Azekah during the Early Bronze Age through a comparative typological analysis of the pottery discovered in the first five seasons of excavations at the site (2012-2016). This will involve comparing the Early Bronze Age pottery from Tel Azekah with the sites of Tel Yarmuth, Tell es-Safi/Gath, and Tel Lachish, which are of close proximity to Tel Azekah. This qualitative analysis will look at nuances in shape, manufacturing techniques and finishes to determine the cultural relations of Tel Azekah during the EB III period. It is expected that the remains of Tel Azekah will show affinity with these sites due to the proximity of the sites and their archaeological similarities in later periods. This study will broaden the understanding of pottery during the Early Bronze Age by contributing to the current typologies and further aid in defining cultural and regional relations of the area.


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Chapter 1 - Introduction -- Chapter 2 - Comparative Material -- Chapter 3 - Comparative Sites -- Chapter 4 - Tel Azekah Assemblage -- Chapter 5 - Discussion -- hapter 6 - Final Thoughts


Theoretical thesis. Bibliography: pages 81-90

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