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The development and decline of provincial rule from the Old to the Middle Kingdom: an analysis of the tombs and titles of the senior officials of Upper Egypt

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posted on 2022-03-28, 11:14 authored by Neil Sinclair
This thesis considers aspects of the bureaucracy of Ancient Egypt from its beginning in the Old Kingdom (OK) through the First Intermediate Period (FIP) to its finish late in the Middle Kingdom (MK) with the aim of advancing our understanding and knowledge of the inner administrative workings of Ancient Egypt. Through an analysis of historical records and a detailed investigation of the relationship between local rulers‟ tomb size and the wealth of a province, as well as tomb size and the power of the central authority, this work will initially attempt to identify how tomb size may be an indication of political power. Next, this thesis will consider whether variations in data between the OK, FIP and MK reveal differences in the power of the central administrations, and whether the development of provincial rule and changes to it are policies of decentralisation, centralisation or a lack of control. In addition, this study explores what changes to titles may indicate about the levels of central and local control, and whether changes to tomb data and titles, in conjunction with historical records, can supply evidence for the decline and cessation of provincial rule. Finally, the features of administration that were applied from the OK through the MK are analysed as a way of further developing our understanding of provincial administration in Ancient Egypt.


Table of Contents

1. Introduction -- 2. Definitions -- 3. Review of the literature -- 4. The nomes and their senior officials -- 5. Summary and overview: the development and extent of provincial rule -- 6. Analysis of the data -- 7. Conclusions.


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