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The nature of the podzols at Agnes Banks, N.S.W., and the origin of the sands in which they are developed

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posted on 2022-08-03, 02:55 authored by Ruth A. Whittle

This thesis has demonstrated the ways in which podzols in the Sydney Region vary with subtle differences in site. It has clarified the primary factors which must preclude podzol development. The origin of the Agnes Banks Sand Body, and the difficulties encountered in its derivation, have been discussed in detail. 


Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction -- Section 1. Podzols. Chapter 2. Part A. Detailed type profile. Part B. Variations from the type profile -- Chapter 3. Part A. Morphological variations due to surface relief and sand depth. Part B. Morphological variations and vegetation -- Chapter 4. A discussion of podzol genesis. Part A. Relation to local area studies. Part B. Podzol genesis -- Section 2. Nature of the sand body. Chapter 5. Shape related to surface and underlying material, and criteria for differentiation. Part B. Mineralogy and texture of the sand body -- Chapter 6. Part A. Evidence against wind deposition. Part B. Evidence for wind deposition. Part C. Interpretation of environment of deposition -- Chapter 7. Conclusions and areas requiring further work -- References -- Appendix A -- Appendix B -- Appendix C -- Appendix D -- Appendix E


A Thesis submitted as partial requirement for admission to the degree of Arts (Honours), Macquarie University Includes bibliographical references (pages 96-100)

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Thesis (B.A. Hons.), Macquarie University, 1977

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T. R. Paton

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P. B. Mitchell


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