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The new 'you': a diachronic survey of self reference and adressee reference terms in the mainstream print media of New Order Indonesia

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posted on 2022-03-29, 00:34 authored by Gregory Flannery
This study surveys the use of self reference, addressee reference, and other person reference terms throughout the decade of the New Order Period in Indonesia, 1965-1974, as represented in the mainstream newspaper, Kompas. The diachronic data are compared with usage in contemporary data taken from 2008 editions of the same source. The data are analysed from a pragmatic perspective, assessing changes to the system over the data period and analysing the various factors influencing choice of appropriate term across a range of text types. The locus for this account is the introduction by Indonesian language planners, in the mid 20th century, of the addressee reference term, anda, intended to overcome the language's traditionally status bound system of addressee reference. The study examines the success of this attempt to introduce a 'democratic' and 'egalitarian' second person pronoun into the language. A key focus is on the Language Policy and Planning authorities’ attempts to influence the overall person reference system of the Indonesian language through the introduction of anda and the role its introduction is intended to play in the modernization of the language and the Nation.


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Chapter 1. Introduction -- Chapter 2. Open and closed systems of self and addressee reference -- Chapter 3. Historical development of Malay language -- Chapter 4. Historical development of English personal pronoun paradigms -- Chapter 5. Linguistic engineering in the Indonesian context -- Chapter 6. Theory, data and methodology -- Chapter 7. Pronouns of Address -- Chapter 8. Common and proper nouns as address -- Chapter 9. Self reference -- Chapter 10. Paired items -- Chapter 11. Conclusion.


Theoretical thesis. Bibliography: pages 291-301

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