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The significance of Anubis as seen in coffin texts

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posted on 2022-03-29, 00:14 authored by Charlotte Newell
This study aims to seek a further understanding of the role of Anubis during the Middle Kingdom, as reflected in the Coffin Texts, through a close reading in the original language of the eighty-­‐three spells in which Anubis features. This will be done through examining the roles and epithets attributed to Anubis in this corpus. The aim and methods used for this study are presented in Chapter 1 accompanied by an explanation of the primary sources and previous research surrounding both Anubis and the Coffin Texts. Chapter 2 identifies and examines the functional epithets of Anubis as the “Embalmer,” the “Lord of the Netherworld,” the “Guide” or “Gatekeeper” and the “Judge.” Anubis’ significance is rediscussed in Chapter 3 through the examination of the deity’s links to both determined and un-­‐determined toponyms. In Chapter 4 the funerary epithets of Anubis are presented identifying how the deity’s connection with funerary formulae, festivals and sacred spaces can be used to assess Anubis’ significance in the Coffin Texts. A detailed study of Anubis in the Coffin Texts has not previously been attempted, therefore a study of the Coffin Texts dealing with Anubis in the original language will provide a deeper understanding of Anubis' role in the texts and broaden the understanding of Anubis within the context of Middle Kingdom funerary beliefs.


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1. Introduction -- 2. Functional epithets -- 3. Topographical epithets -- 4. Funerary epithets -- 5. Conclusion.


Theoretical thesis. Bibliography: pages 101-118

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