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Towards Dynamic Feature Selection with Attention to Assist Banking Customers in Establishing a New Business

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posted on 2022-10-19, 01:56 authored by Mohammad Amin Edrisi

Establishing a new business may involve Knowledge acquisition in various areas, from personal to business and marketing sources. This task is challenging as it requires examining various data islands to uncover hidden patterns and unknown correlations such as purchasing behavior, consumer buying signals, and demographic and socioeconomic attributes of different locations. This dissertation introduces a novel framework for extracting and identifying important features from banking and non-banking data sources to address this challenge. We present an attention-based supervised feature selection approach to select important and relevant features which contribute most to the customer’s query regarding establishing a new business. We report on the experiment conducted on an openly available dataset created from Kaggle and the UCI machine learning repositories. 


Table of Contents

1 Introduction -- 2 Backgrounds and State-of-the-Art -- 3 Methodology -- 4 Experiment and Evaluation -- 5 Conclusion and Future Work -- References


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