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Translational semiotic communication: a transdisciplinary perspective

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posted on 2022-03-28, 16:42 authored by Asruddin Barori Tou
This study is designed to explore, model, propose and develop a transdisciplinary framework for the study of translation phenomena. To this end, this study offers an alternative gateway to understanding translation, in which it develops a would-be-theory of translation as social semiotic phenomena. In this, it presents a theoretical model of translational semiotic communication which focusses on human translational semiotic communication systems and processes. -- Specifically, this study conceptualizes translation as a semiotic system, more specifically, a metasemiotic system. In this, it views translation as a potential (system) which makes meaning by way of other semiotic systems, in an overall multilevelled and multilayered semiotic activity system and process of translational semiotic communication. Having conceptualized translation as a potential (system), this study further conceptualizes translation as an actual (instance, text). In this, a translation potential manifests itself as a translated actual through the concepts of realization and instantiation. That is, these concepts semiotically design the semiotic space and movement of translation, as such they enable a translation potential to turn itself into a translated actual, in the overall translational semiotic activity system and process. This study thus challenges most of the mainstream views currently held within translation studies. -- To achieve its objective, and in reference to the overall theory of translational semiotic communication proposed, this study presents the following areas of enquiry and discussion: translation potentiality, translational semiotic, transtextual (translinguistic/transnonlinguistic) semiotic, transcontextual semiotic, translational relevance, translinguistic typology, transdien(ic) semiotic, and translational analysis and application. Readers may find unfamiliar technical terms employed in this study. -- It is hoped that whatever may have been achieved in this study can be seen as a useful contribution to further development of the current translation studies.


Table of Contents

VOLUME ONE -- Introduction -- Literature review -- Theoretical orientation -- Translation potentiality -- Translational semiotic communication -- Translational semiotic relevance -- Translinguistic semiotic communication -- VOLUME TWO -- Translinguistic semiotic typology -- Transnonlinguistic semiotic communication -- Transdien(ic) semiotic communication -- Translational semiotic analysis -- Translational semiotic application -- Conclusion and suggestion.


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