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Using Bessel-Gaussian beam in optical trapping of nanoparticles for gensitive gravimetry

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posted on 2022-03-28, 16:22 authored by Md Iftekher Selim Chowdhury
Over the past decade, researchers have developed very sensitive force detection techniques including yoctonewton (10−24 N) force measurement, yoctogram-scale mass sensitivity and femto-scale magnetic field sensing. However, the measurement of gravitational or inertial forces to such high precision still to date remains a scientific and technological challenge. Compact integrated room temperature inertial sensors capable of sensing ultra-small changes in inertial forces is still lacking.In this thesis, I propose an all-optically controlled novel design for performing sensitive gravimetry based on trapped and levitated nanoparticles using Bessel-Gaussian beams. I particularly focus on the characterization of Bessel-Gaussian beam and its challenges and application in optical trapping. Optical trapping in vacuum and air has near-complete mechanical isolation from the environment. Without the need for clamping mechanism and robust decoupling from surrounding environment, the all-optical trapping and cooling techniques will yield potentially ultrahigh Q-factor resulting in ultrasensitive force detection at room temperature.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction and motivation -- Chapter 2: Physics of optical trapping and introduction to Bessel beams -- Chapter 3: Spatial characterization Bessel-Gaussian Beam: Lens-Axicon System -- Chapter 4: Initial implementation of optical trapping -- Chapter 5: Conclusion and future work -- Chapter 6: Bibliography.


Bibliography: pages 54-59 Theoretical thesis.

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Gabriel Molina-Terriza


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