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Veganism at the bottom of the world: a case study of vegan communities in the South Island of New Zealand Aotearoa

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posted on 2022-03-28, 17:47 authored by Milena Bojovic
The world has entered a new geological epoch, known as the Anthropocene, which is characterised by human-induced deforestation, biodiversity loss and climate changes on a planetary scale (Steffen, Crutzen and McNeill 2007). This is a time where human activity has been likened to the great forces of nature, contributing to changes in the atmosphere, water, land and affecting all living things. Industrial animal agriculture is one of these human activities causing harm to the environment, humans and non-human others. My research explores what the practice of veganism has to offer in terms of moving away from intensive animal agriculture towards more ethical and resilient futures. Using a case study approach, I investigate three vegan societies in the South Island of New Zealand Aotearoa, the Christchurch Vegan Society, Dunedin-Otepoti Vegan Society, and the Invercargill Vegan Society. The South Island was chosen for the geographical and historical significance of animal agricultural industries in the region. My methods included interviews and discussion groups with members of the vegan communities, as well as participant observation of vegan potlucks. To frame my research, I draw upon ecofeminist approaches to explore care ethics and Gibson-Graham's (2013) community economies framework -- abstract.


Table of Contents

1. Introduction and literature review -- 2. Methodology and methods -- 3. Contextualising Aotearoa -- 4. Identifying a multispecies ethic of care -- 5. Practicing a multispecies ethic of care -- 6. Future hopes and possibilities -- 7. Concluding thoughts -- 8. References -- 9. Appendices.


Theoretical thesis. Bibliography: pages 54-63

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