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Walking power source: using your jacket to wirelessly harvest power

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posted on 2022-03-28, 13:15 authored by Chenxing Li
Capturing and harvesting RF energy, using small antennas with an effective conversion RF energy into DC voltage with minimum losses, would be a significant problem in the modern world. The purpose of the project is to design an antenna system which can operate on the 5GHz ISM band and be used to collect the RF signals from the ambient environment which can be converted to DC power. The project would end up with an embroidery antenna, which can stitch on fibre, be able to collect RF signals from the ambient environment. Also, this antenna should operate at 5GHz Wi-Fi operation frequency. The overall project focused on the embroidery antenna design and the project can be divided into many sub-systems. Firstly, having made a prototype of a simple micropatch strip antenna and having achieved the results aimed for, we were then able to fabricate a real micropatch strip antenna. The embroidery antenna design is based on a simple micropatch strip antenna, which can collect RF signals from the ambient environment and convert them to DC power.


Table of Contents

1. Introduction -- 2. Background theory -- 3. Design and prototyping of the rectenna system -- 4. Simulation result and discussion -- 5. Manufacture of the embroidery antenna -- 6. Phtsical testing -- 7. Conclusions and future work -- 8. Abbreviations -- Appendix.


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