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Wireless power and information transfer

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posted on 2022-03-28, 12:13 authored by Tianhang Fu
Wireless power transfer technology emerges transmitting power from a sender to a receiver through an air gap. The most common way of wirelessly transferring power to a mobile device is by an inductively coupled pair of coils. However, data transfer is often required, as the wired, power and data interface as USB. In this case, it requires a wireless communication system to accomplish replacing of USB. However,adding an information system to existing wireless power systems leads to a series of challenges, especially at high data rate. In this project, first,we completed the literature review to determine its feasibility and how to do it. Next, three different possible proposals are discussed and designed. Based on their advantages and disadvantages, make a take-off and select the best proposal. After that, the detail design and simulation is shown. In the end, it summarizes the whole project and describes the potential improvements in the future.


Table of Contents

1. Introductuction -- 2. LIterature review and theory -- 3. WIT proposals -- 4. Detailed design -- 5. Conclusions and future work -- 6. Abbreviations -- Appendices -- Bibliography.


Bibliography: pages 55-57 Empirical thesis.

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