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Behind the sounds: the evolution of film soundtrack roles in Australia and New Zealand

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posted on 2022-03-28, 01:29 authored by Natalie Lewandowski
The soundtrack is a critical creative element of the feature film, combining the elements of music, dialogue, Foley, sound effects and atmospheres to enhance the visual elements. As film is a collaborative medium, there are particular personnel who are responsible for the delivery of the film soundtrack. This thesis aims to determine what factors are included in shaping the roles of Australian and New Zealand soundtrack personnel specifically. The thesis evaluates three specific personnel roles : the music supervisor, the composer and the sound supervisor. A below-the-line approach is applied to examining these personnel, drawing on ethnographic research that provides answers to questions on education, communication hierarchies and adaptifve roles in changing creative industries. The thesis discusses whether differences in personnel roles exist on a micro level and what impacts this has on a macro (industry) level Differences in soundtrack rolesare also considered in light of industry production styles and educational backgrounds. The thesis examines government support of film industries and how such public goods policy flows down to the manner in which soundtrack personnel operate in Australia and New Zealand. The research contained within this thesis is of interest to soundtrack personnel, policy makers, educators and industry bodies within the area of Australian and New Zealand film.


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Chapter One. Listening for dialogue -- Chapter Two. Different pathways, one industry --Chapter Three. Key sounds -- Chapter Four. Working relationships -- Chapter Five. Costs and conflicts -- Chapter Six. Conclusion.


Theoretical thesis. Bibliography: pages 315-335

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