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IoT enabled smart sensing system

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posted on 2022-03-28, 18:59 authored by Nawshin Nazrul
Nowadays, various types of smart sensing systems are available worldwide due to the remarkable advancement achieved in the field of sensor technology. Not many of them use capacitive sensors that need complex circuitry as well as software algorithms. This project aims to develop and unconventional state of the art smart sensing system for environmental monitoring. The system will incorporate a complex sensor node compatible with different kinds of capacitive sensors besides resistive sensors which are not capable of communicating directly with the microprocessor. This will also be an IoT (Internet of Things) integrated system, allowing it to continuously send the sensor data to a designated web server for constant monitoring of the environment. The idea is to overcome the challenges of building a composite smart sensing system using a complex algorithm. For this particular project, three different kinds of sensors (LM335Z, HS1101LF and TGS2600) have been used in order to sense various attributes of our surrounding environment. LM335Z and TGS2600 are simple resistive types of sensors that have the capabilities to measure temperature and general air quality respectively. On the other hand, HS1101LF is a capacitive type of sensor that can measure humidity and temperature. As mentioned earlier, interfacing capacitive sensors to the microcontroller is not as simple as interfacing resistive ones. Therefore, this project focuses on developing sensor nodes incorporating both resistive and capacitive sensors in one connected circuit, and to achieve correct sensor data that will be later uploaded to an IoT server (ThingSpeak Channel) for continuous monitoring of the environment.


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1. Introduction -- 2. Background and literature review -- 3. System description -- 4. Experimental setup and working principles -- 5. Results and discussion -- 6. Conclusion and future work -- Appendices -- Bibliography.


Bibliography: pages 68-69 Empirical thesis.

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