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MATLAB simulation of the throughput rate of a cognitive radio communications system

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posted on 2022-03-28, 12:40 authored by Nerses Baliozian
The latest research has shown that around two thirds of the basic spectrum has not been efficiently utilised. This inefficiency has led to a shortage in frequency which has increased the price of occupying the bandwidth. Wireless applications have become more popular and the available spectrum of radio frequencies has become a precious asset. Research also shows that the frequency spectrum is not used completely at any given time. Some frequency bands are not used; some bands are overutilised, whereas other bands are underutilised. Taking all of the above into consideration, cognitive radio is considered the best solution to overcome the problem of underutilisation of frequency bands. In cognitive radio systems the idea of a secondary user, who is not the main user of the spectrum is introduced. The secondary user can only use the spectrum when the primary user, the main user of the spectrum, is not using the spectrum.This requires sensing the spectrum to check for the available spectrum bands and then using them accordingly. In this project different spectrum sensing techniques will be discussed. Furthermore, a MATLAB simulation for the throughput will be illustrated.


Table of Contents

1. Introduction -- 2. Fundamentals of cognitive radio -- 3. Cognitive radio spectrum sensing -- 4. System model -- 5. Simulation -- 6. Results, discussions and conclusion -- Bibliography -- Appendices.


Supervisor: Sam Reisenfeld. Empirical thesis. Bibliography: pages 54-56

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Sam Reisenfeld


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