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Some contact metamorphic and manganiferous rocks from Southern New England

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posted on 2022-03-28, 14:18 authored by Frank Howarth
Some contact metamorphic rocks and manganese deposits were examined from an area near Tamworth. The manganese deposits were examined and manganese silicates and oxides are described from them. It was determined that the manganese deposits are probably of sedimentary origin, and may represent allochthonous blocks carried into the present sediments from some outside source. The contact metamorphism of the rocks and manganese deposits is examined. Conditions of metamorphism up to the high hornblende hornfels facies were detected in the sediments and volcanic rocks. The metamorphism on the manganese deposits is thought to have caused some decarbonation in two of the deposits.


Table of Contents

1. Regional geology -- 2. Paleoenvironment and regional history -- 3. Manganese in the Woolomin Beds -- 4. The geochemistry of manganese -- 5. The deposits - syngenetic or epigenetic -- 6. Sedimentary manganese deposits -- 7. Manganese in modern ocean sediments -- 8. The origin of the deposits - a synthesis -- 9. Since formation - diagenesis and metamorphism -- 10. Contact metamorphism - a preliminary discussion -- 11. Contact metamorphism - the sediments -- 12. Contact metamorphism - the "volcanics" -- 13. Contact metamorphism - the manganese deposits --14. Contact metamorphism - conclusions -- Appendices.


Bibliography: pages 125-130

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